Anne Freeh Engel

Vice President


Anne Freeh Engel, Vice President, has been with TDC since 2002. Her specialty is strategic business planning for nonprofits, particularly for organizations that aim to grow, restructure and reinvent their businesses. She brings a strong focus on developing big-picture strategies that can withstand on-the-ground implementation realities, and creating a case for donor investment that finds the compelling narrative that lives at the intersection of vision and data.  Anne has worked with both start-up and established organizations in the arts, environment, and human services areas.

Prior to joining TDC, Anne worked at NetGenesis, a software development company, where she specialized in helping businesses identify and leverage data relating to their websites. Anne has worked at Arthur Andersen’s Office of Government Services and edited Greenwire, a daily environmental news service. Anne holds a BA from Carleton College and a MBA from the Yale School of Management, with a focus on finance and nonprofit management. She was a recipient of a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship.

Why TDC?

“People hire consultants to help them solve problems and see things in a new light. We love doing that, but to be honest, we love changing our own minds just as much. When clients add new data or pose tough questions that put cracks in the current working theory, it’s exciting. It feels more like a leap forward than a step back, because it’s so clear that the next iteration will yield a solution that has far greater integrity from both the client’s perspective and ours.”